Walmart Excels as Canada's Fastest Growing Retailer with COPE.

Over 20 years in Canada. Over 20 years working with us.

Remember when Walmart first opened their doors to Canadians in 1994? We do. For us it marked the start of a strong partnership that continues to grow to this day. For over two decades, we have worked closely with Walmart to win Canada over with its “Save money. Live better.™” philosophy. Today, Canadians turn to Walmart for everything they need – whether it’s steaks, socks, sofa sets, storage bins or all of the above – at everyday low prices.

As a key partner in the brand’s evolution, we have helped expand its reach from traditional channels to powerful new media platforms.

Collaboration brings it all together.
Since the beginning, we have evolved Walmart’s flyer program. Inspiring photography, solution-focused stories and an organized layout make the flyer more friendly and the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers.

With the recent addition of Walmart’s in-store signage program to our portfolio, we’ve had the opportunity to exercise our “create once and publish everywhere” philosophy. It has resulted in process efficiencies and cost savings to Walmart. Graphics for signage and flyer are now built at the same time, photo planning and set building is leveraged across all channels and asset sharing with other agency partners now happens earlier in the process. It’s another example of how we are ensuring consistent messaging across all channels.

We believe in the power of collaboration during all stages of creative development. We have built strong relationships with other agency partners and work together to create successful campaigns that shape Walmart’s presence in the marketplace, across all channels

Creating a destination, offline to online
With the understanding that consumers choose to absorb content differently every day, St. Joseph Communications works closely with Walmart to evolve the brand within traditional channels, as we continually explore new ones. With more people browsing before shopping, we’ve created online lookbooks that showcase Walmart’s apparel and home décor selection. These inspirational digital pieces aim to change consumer perceptions, presenting Walmart as a destination for quality products and lifestyle solutions. Behind-the-scenes videos of our lookbook shoots are published on various sites, leading viewers to for more.

Feeding Walmart’s social media
In today’s connected world, it’s essential for brands to interact and tell stories in social channels. We have played an integral role in bringing Walmart to Instagram, creating a visual style guide, providing photography services and managing Instagram videos. This has helped Walmart become more engaging on social media. Our images are easily transferable to Walmart’s Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook pages. Creating consistent branded content across all channels allows Walmart to be nimble, cost-effective and relevant in a jam-packed retail marketplace.