Metro’s Biggest-Selling Brands Have Never Been Better.

Private brands have grown from being a cheaper alternative to becoming a brand force sought after by retailers and consumers around the world. They are a positive extension of a retailer’s brand and a key to profitability. Metro is Canada’s third-largest grocer with more than 365 stores in Ontario and Quebec. They approached St. Joseph Communications in 2006, seeking a reimagined private brand strategy. It was the beginning of a close working relationship that continues to this day.

We created a two-tier brand strategy across grocery categories: Irresistibles for premium offerings, and Selection. For Irresistibles, we created a distinctive premium brand with a rich visual presentation and appetite appeal. Selection became a fresher, more contemporary brand, more clearly segmented from premium offerings.

Satisfying the need for healthier alternatives, Irresistibles also bears the standard with sub-brands, including Life Smart, Bio organics, and Gluten Free products. Selection includes a line of Eco products.

The results at checkout for Metro’s biggest-selling brands have never been better.