Jenn-Air Freshly Bakes Video Content.

Jenn-Air featured celebrity chefs, Mark McEwan and Jonathan Garnier to promote their innovative line of wall ovens in a series of bi-lingual social videos.

To promote their innovative line of wall ovens, Jenn-Air Canada wanted to create a series of videos on social media for the French and English markets. Featuring celebrity chefs and brand ambassadors Mark McEwan and Jonathan Garnier, the content would demonstrate how the ovens take the guesswork out of cooking. The end result needed to resonate with the target audience – a high-end consumer who takes pride in the look of their home and loves to cook and entertain.

St. Joseph Communications partnered with Jenn-Air’s agency of record, Red Lion, to bring the campaign to life.


St. Joseph Communications is the largest commercial photography studio in North America. For this project, our staff provided assistance with wardrobe styling, propping, hair and makeup and booking a food stylist.

We always like to think one step ahead. Jenn-Air was expecting the videos to be exclusively shot from a single camera angle. Our crew took the initiative to shoot various angles and extra takes to ensure we had footage for post-production, while keeping to the schedule and budget. Jenn-Air appreciated the foresight, and included the footage in the videos.

Our content creation capabilities and COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) philosophy were a fundamental part of this project. Our approach enables us to develop more content within the client’s timeline, without exceeding the budget. Instead of shooting one video, we were able to help the client create two 15-second videos and four 1-minute videos for both web and social.