A Retailer’s Black Friday Recap

Here's what we can expect from consumers’ shopping plans and spending habits for the rest of this holiday season.

Black Friday weekend – a shopping event now bigger than Boxing Day even in Canada – is behind us. Brands kicked off their holiday campaigns with Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions to entice sales both in-store and online. We’ve compiled significant data from the week’s shopping results that is telling of what we can expect from consumers’ shopping plans and spending habits for the rest of this holiday season.

Here are a few things we learned:

  1. Holiday shopping is increasingly happening online. According to Adobe Analytics, $6.22 billion was spent online by the end of Black Friday, an increase of 23.6% year over year. Amazon announced that this year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in the company’s history, selling more products worldwide than any other day.
  2. Mobile shopping has never been so influential. Adobe confirmed that 33.5 percent of online Black Friday sales were completed on smartphones, an increase from 29.1 percent in 2017. A compelling mobile experience is vital for brands this holiday season – and all-year long.
  3. Consumers are seeking a seamless experience across channels. Retail Dive’s analysis found that retailers aligned sale prices across multiple days and multiple channels, giving consumers choices of when to spend. While online sales are certainly up, Forbes’ analysis points out that stores still play a big role, with plenty of consumers hitting the stores over the weekend.

These are some examples of the cross-channel content we created for clients to ignite their holiday shopping periods:

The Brick leveraged its successful flyer program to promote big-ticket items on sale for Black Friday. As reported by Strategy, Google Canada’s Holiday Insights Report included The Brick in its Top 10 list of the online brands Canadians searched the most leading up to Black Friday.


To cover the entire span of the holidays, Canon launched an eight-week-long “Level Up” sale on November 9 for items including cameras, lenses, camcorders and printers. We worked with Canon to design, develop and host the website; create digital advertising banners; create 15 and 6-second video ads for social media; as well as write radio scripts and organize the recordings.



Leon’s promoted its Black Friday promotions across multiple channel; here are three spots we created for TV and web.


The shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over. But good news: 2018 is expected to be a banner holiday shopping season, and the busiest shopping day of the year may be yet to come. Michael LeBlanc, senior retail advisor for the Retail Advisor of Canada, predicts that retail will have its biggest day on December 22.

Google’s Holiday Insights report found that in 2017, while 13% of shoppers may have planned to complete all of their purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, last year, roughly 70% of them still had shopping to do one week before Christmas. We’ll be keeping those holiday campaigns for brands coming.

To make sure you’re capturing the attention of your holiday shoppers all season long, check out our blog article, How to Reach the 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers – including that “Last-Minute Shopper,” likely to be hitting the shops on December 22.