We’re passionate about printing and not just because it’s part of our DNA. As a true sensory experience, print has the potential to be powerful.

Turning the page on strategy

There’s more to printing than simply ink on a page. After six decades in the industry, we’ve come to believe that it is partly a technology solution and partly an art form. Knowing how to make an impact takes finesse and years of skill. We bring that kind of expertise to North America’s largest publishers, retailers, cataloguers and financial corporations. Our extensive print facilities can meet any challenge and our Toronto Print Campus is the largest in the country.

What sets us apart is how much we care – we take the time to strategize and create solutions, from paper stock to finishes and everything in between. Whether it’s variable print, web-to-print or web offset, we ensure your printed product is the best it can be.

With an output capacity of more than 19.5 million 16-page signatures per day, we produce and distribute over 200 million catalogues and magazines, and one billion flyers per year. We are a recognized leader in the North American commercial print sector.

We provide a wide array of end-to-end document management solutions, including financial statements, reports, publications and educational materials. With two innovative digital hubs, three regional hubs, and a network of print centres nationwide, we provide North America’s leading organizations with advanced on-demand print and web-to-print solutions and services.

Variable Print Sheetfed Statement + Financial Print
ePresentment Lettershop Traditional + Electronic
Web Offset Web-to-Print Print Management
Warehousing Digital Print on Demand
Pick & Pack Data Management Document Finishing
Large Format Distribution Intelligent Insertion
Managed Services Fulfillment

The environment is our priority

As part of our company’s Values and Guiding Principles, “Replenishing the Environment” lays the foundation for our continuing sustainability. We are always looking for ways to reduce energy usage, replenish what we use, cut down on waste and employ more environmentally-friendly products and processes.
Our Partners in Growth reforestation program has planted millions of seedlings across Canada on behalf of our clients. It was an industry-first when it launched with Scouts Canada in 1990. The program is at the heart of one of our founding Values & Guiding Principles to replenish the environment. It’s important to us to embrace and lead initiatives that replenish trees in Canada and contribute to greener and healthier communities. 


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